Do’s and Don’ts for naturally beautiful skin

How you and your skin look speaks volume about how you eat and sleep, how you treat skin care and how health friendly your habits are.

If you blame your skin for being blotchy, blemished, dull and acne affected, be careful, this time, it may give you a haunting stare with the all the listed unfair don’ts you do to it.

Find yourself in adopting the good skin and health friendly do’s in place of the unfair don’ts you have been doing for so long.

  1. Get your skin ready to fall asleep

If you have been sleeping with your makeup on, then you have actually been suffocating your skin cells. This gives birth to blemishes and black heads. Use makeup wipes or olive oil to get your skin all clean.

Even if there is no makeup, wash your face with Luke warm water, cleanse it and apply a moisturizer before you set your head on the pillow to sleep.

  • Exfoliate but be gentle

To shed off dullness of the face, neck and hands, exfoliating is important to peel off layer of dead skin cells. Apply scrub in circular motion or massage it with coconut oil necessarily once or twice a week.

Either you are exfoliating or using daily cleanser, do not rub your skin hard draining all of its natural oil making your skin dry and inviting irritation.

  • The neglected Sun screen and moisturizer

If you have been deluded by clouded weather outside to miss out sunscreen, then you need to know that UV rays can penetrate clouds.

So always use a sun screen with minimum 15 SPF if you do not want wrinkles and patches all over your face.

Make sure to moisturize your skin before and after your everyday makeup tutorials.

  • Diet and water

Make sure to monitor your diet because it is what will make your skin healthier from the inside and flawless from the outside.

Instead of spicy and grilled food, feed yourself with food enriched with vitamin C and E to diminish the signs of aging and protect skin from inflammation.

Never miss 8 glasses of water a day to give your skin a radiant glow.

  • Facial yoga

Perform best face yoga app exercises to increase blood circulation and tone your skin muscles.